Visit of Vice-minister Marius Skuodis in Šiauliai FEZ

On November 22, Vice-Minister Marius Skuodis, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, as well as representatives of “Invest Lithuania” visited the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone. During the visit the distinguished guests were accompanied by Artūras Klangauskas, CEO of Šiauliai FEZ.

The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with the general economic situation of Šiauliai, the current situation of Šiauliai FEZ, and the results of the infrastructure projects implemented together with the municipality. During the visit, expansion opportunities, projects required for them, and financing opportunities for faster growth of FEZ were discussed. Vice-Minister M. Skuodis and guests visited “RD Signs”, the first Company established in Šiauliai FEZ. This Company is currently finishing its establishment and is planning to commence its operations soon. In addition to the usual business of the Company, the vice-minister was introduced to the company’s new product, the circuit racing simulator. Many such products have already been sold abroad.

Vice-Minister M. Skuodis got acquainted with the expansion of Šiauliai Airport carried out by the Municipality and had the opportunity to evaluate the cooperation possibilities for the interested parties.

We are pleased with the consistent and excellent cooperation between the Ministries of Lithuania, Invest Lithuania, Šiauliai City Municipality and Šiauliai FEZ, which generates great results.

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