Kormotech plans to expand its manufacturing operations in Kėdainiai

08 November, 2023

Kormotech Lietuva, a Ukrainian pet food producer, has announced plans to expand its production operations in #KėdainiaiFEZ. 🙌

Giedrius Valuckas, a member of the Board of the #Kėdainiai FEZ, says that this is particularly significant news for the Kėdainiai region: “This #investment is likely to provide an unprecedented boost to the local economy, with benefits for the whole region. The new #Kormotech plant will create new job opportunities. It will also strengthen our region’s supply chain, promote #economic growth and stability, and raise living standards. The plant will add value to our community, not only by creating economic wealth, but also by raising our status as a centre of #innovation and industrial excellence,”.

💡In Lithuania, the company plans to hire 200 more professionals and #invest more than €60 million in four new production lines that will be launched by 2028.