Key sectors

Investment Partner particularly focuses on and sees potential investment opportunities for foreign investments in the following manufatcuring sectors, where Lithuania has most potential and expertise based on Lithuania’s competitive advantages.

Engineering and metalworking historically has been one of the leading industrial sectors in Lithuania. Nowadays, it has evolved and progressed into a very competitive, innovative, and productive industry.
Due to the geographical advantages that serve as a gateway between Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe, logistics has always been a priority area in Lithuania.
The food and beverage production sectors provide a full range of opportunities for investors, including a robust supply chain and high-quality standards. Domestic producers can effectively track the product quality, enabling fresh and natural food products that consumers seek.
The health care field has vast potential due to a combination of highly qualified labour, low cost, and good facilities.
Our biomedicine sector combines strong R&D capability, established manufacturing infrastructure, geographic and cultural proximity to eastern and western markets. We export our products worldwide.
The industry's success lies in Lithuania's favourable combination of vast forest resources, strategic location and a cost-efficient labour force. Additionally, government policies aimed at achieving sustainable forestry development have supported the industry.
Automotive production in Lithuania is currently has one of the most favourable conditions for growth. The country’s rich traditions in engineering have been strengthened by the recent arrival of major industry players. Yet the market remains far from saturated, which means an abundance of engineering talent, highly competitive costs, and rapid scaling.
The industry's ecosystem is boosted by the combination of our talent pool, location and tax environment. The sector offers rigid and flexible plastic packaging, plastic components and rubber products, flexographic printing and packaging materials; reflective products, automobile accessories.
The electronics sector consists of wiring systems and electro-mechanical products, power distribution, various electric control systems and electric heating equipment. The sector is evolving and progressing into a very competitive, innovative, and productive industry.