Kėdainiai scores higher among small municipalities

08 March, 2023

Kėdainiai District is positively rated! 👏 The Lithuanian Municipal Performance Index 2022, compiled by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, assesses the financial situation and investment environment of the country’s municipalities according to 2021 statistics. Kėdainiai District ranks 11-13 among small municipalities!

It is also positive that #Kėdainiai scores well in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and is ranked highest in the index in terms of the migration indicator.

💡This shows that the municipality is able to create favourable economic, social and other conditions for people to stay, live and work there, and that existing businesses offer enough jobs.

#Kėdainiai District scores higher in the index among small municipalities and is considered to be more financially sustainable. This is a significant rating, which shows that Kėdainiai has the conditions to develop and establish its own business, as well as to attract various #business investments.