European-wide success of Lithuanian company RD Signs

27 January, 2020

Lithuanian company RD Signs, which specialises in lightboxes, channel letters, petrol station design, interior solutions and custom-made products, has been successfully operating in the European Union market with renowned brands such as Renault, Volvo, Ferrari, Maserati, Skoda, McDonald’s, Subway, H&M, G-STAR, Shell and Esso. The company has recently completed building a new factory with 6,000 mof production space and state-of-the-art technology, in the Šiauliai FEZ.

Previously, RD Signs was specialising in the production of visual advertising and had been operating in a single space. As the number of its customers, their needs and volumes grew, it was decided to have the second, a more modern, plant built. The investment estimates at around EUR 4 million, of which approximately EUR 3 million was allocated to the building to be constructed, and EUR 1 million, for the equipment and its integration into the overall system. The factory has combined/integrated the ERP/CRM systems with/in the latest CNC milling, cutting and folding machines and welding/assembly centres. The quality control system has also been improved.

The head of the RD Signs company, Mr Butkevičius is delighted with innovative production management systems that help control the entire production process from receiving orders to full completion of them. The systems are computerised. So those in charge are able to see, at any given time, the stage of production that particular orders are at. The company has a highly robust quality control system in place and adheres to the top manufacturing standards.

The RD Signs factory is equipped to manufacture a large number of advertising signs within very short timeframes. It is one of the company’s key strengths. In addition to advertising signs, RD Signs also positions itself as an aluminium sheet profile processing company. These services are in demand by smaller companies that do not own rather complex machinery or special machines, but which are in the business of manufacturing specialised products.

The RD Signs company has been working with designers and their customers in need of customised exterior/interior solutions on an ongoing basis. To illustrate just a few, these include such brands as Skoda or Renault. It all starts with discussing the general concept of the brand’s premises and design. This stage is followed by the manufacture of customised structures and unique design elements. It is well known that car showrooms open in different cities across a variety of countries. Nonetheless, the team of constructors and manufacturing professionals at RD Signs is able to fulfil even the most complex orders.

The RD Signs’ motto is to make the ideas of European companies visible. A professional team of employees manages to handle 100 to 150 technologically different projects and between 1,000 and 5,000 other products a week. It also manufactures custom-made products from aluminium sheets/profiles. “Our excellent team, which is open to innovation, our top quality products and fair cooperation with customers – these are the fundamental working principles at RD Signs which help the company successfully develop its business abroad,” notes the head of RD Signs, Mr A. Butkevičius.

The major of the factory’s orders come from regular customers across a variety of European countries ranging from Poland to Germany, also from Canada or even the countries on the African continent. The positions have been recently reinforced to create ongoing sales channels in the UK and the USA.

When asked what month will see the launch of the new plant of RD Signs (despite the fact that it is officially operating already), Mr Butkevičius, the Director, replies with the mid-April term. “We would like to hold a true Grand Opening!”

Wishing you a lovely opening and success in your expansion into new markets!