International conference “Making Industry 4.0 Real”

06 November, 2020

Lithuanian manufacturing has demonstrated its crisis-resistance once again! 

The data extracted from Lithuanian Statistics department indicates that the Lithuanian Manufacturing output is recovering fast and is already higher than last year! In January-September, 2020 the production output of manufacturing sector was 0,61% higher than in January-September, 2019 – despite ongoing complications in the global economy caused by Covid-19.

This data is very interesting and I had the pleasure to explain reasons behind swift recovery of #LTmanufacturing during an international conference “Making Industry 4.0 Real” organized by LINPRA – Engineering Industries Association of LithuaniaGerman-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK) and INFOBALT.

Together with businesses and policymakers from #Lithuania and other #EU member states, participants also discussed the newest trends in #industry4point0