Bär Cargolift begins factory construction

28 September, 2020

The automotive tail-lift manufacturer Bär Cargolift has begun building a factory at the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone. Construction works are scheduled to be completed in the 1st quarter, 2021. Attracting the company to the Šiauliai FEZ will have a significant positive effect on the region’s industrial growth and creation of new jobs. It is forecast that more than 80 new employees will be hired at the factory over the next three years.

Bär Cargolift’s objective is to establish the most efficient factory in the automotive tail-lift sector. Bär Cargolift’s most important competitive advantages are its constant improvement of automotive tail-lift technology and its ability to offer the most optimal solutions to its clients, to whom assistance is provided at all stages of the relationship, from the order and installation to comprehensive service and maintenance. The company’s management constantly seeks innovations and applies advanced and safe technologies to the manufacturing process.

Factory construction will occur in several stages. During the first stage, production and administrative facilities will be built. In the second stage, the administrative facilities will be expanded. The planned total floor area is nearly 9,500 sq.m. in the 3.8-hectare site. A 185-kW solar power system will be installed on the factory roof. It is planned to install a 400-kW boiler, and a gas-supply facility will be designed for the outdoor storage zone. The factory will operate round the clock in three shifts, using 2D lasers and robot welding.

In later stages, the company plans to perform research and development, with a focus on software engineering and mechatronics.

Bär Cargolift is the second-largest automotive tail-lift manufacturer in Europe. Tail-lifts are an integral part of the supply chain, used to load or unload goods packed on pallets and cargo trolleys. The company’s headquarters is located in Heilbronn, Germany. It is a family-owned company. More than 15,000 tail-lifts are manufactured at the existing factory each year. After the new factory is completed and non-stop operations at the Šiauliai FEZ begin, the company plans to expand in the USA, Australia and South Africa.