Awards for the Most Innovative Businesspeople in the Kėdainiai Area

16 November, 2020

At the initiative of the Kėdainiai District Municipality, a virtual award ceremony was held on 13 November to honour the most innovative businesspeople in the Kėdainiai area. Each year, the Kėdainiai District Municipality recognises businesses that have greatly contributed to regional growth, job creation and wider use of innovations. There are three categories: bold investment and business creation in the countryside, bold investment during the pandemic period and business expansion in Kėdainiai District. This year, two companies operating at the Kėdainiai FEZ were recognised: Kormotech and UAB Ikarai. Kormotech produces wet food for cats and dogs, while UAB Ikarai develops and produces liquid fertiliser.

The Ukrainian company Kormotech opened the doors of its new factory in July 2020, and in November it is already receiving its first award. The company and its CEO, Andrii Bereziuk, won the award in the Business Expansion category. Kormotech invested more than 10 million euro into the construction of its modern factory and equipment, hiring 59 employees and thus contributing to the improvement of the regional business environment.

The Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts sponsored an additional award. Membership in the Chamber was not a requirement for participation. Seven companies competed. The companies’ products were evaluated for their distinctiveness, innovativeness, competitiveness in Lithuanian and foreign markets, and environmental friendliness.

A distinguished committee decided that the liquid fertiliser of UAB Ikarai best met all of the criteria. The company develops new formulas for liquid fertiliser, first performing comprehensive laboratory testing and only then taking the new products to market. The company increased its production volume this year, created new products and actively expanded its sales network abroad. The company is a world-class liquid fertiliser manufacturer, successfully finding a niche even in Italy, which has its own long-established traditions in this industry.

Although the ceremony took place virtually, the Mayor of the Kėdainiai District, Valentinas Tamulis, promised to personally present the awards to the winning companies, of course following all safety recommendations. It is a pleasure to see that the hard work of companies at the Kėdainiai FEZ is recognised and appreciated by the District Municipality and the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. And we look forward to excellent results in the future!