Šiauliai Free Economic Zone

  • Established in 2015

  • Managing company started in 2015

  • Main area 133 hectares.

  • Infrastructure is ready 2016 Q1

  • Perfect location

  • 49 years sublease contract

  • Cargo terminal availability

  • Plots to be rented: customer’s choice

Communications map

Main facts

FEZ is designed to develop economic-commercial and financial activities. It provides exceptional preferential economical and legal conditions:

  1. No corporate tax during the first 10 years and only 7.5% of corporate tax over the next 6 years while investing no less than 1 million Euros in fixed assets

  2. No real estate tax

  3. No tax on dividends for foreign investors in Šiauliai FEZ

Taxes Taxes FEZ (%) Usual tax rate (%)
Corporate profit tax First 10 years – 0, next 6 years – 7,5 15
Real estate tax 0 0,3-3
Dividend tax 0 15

Available infrastructure

Image 381

Power supply

Image 390

Streets and lighting

Image 385

Domestic sewage

Image 395


Image 382

Rainwater drains

Image 391

Water supply

Positive attitude of local authorities

The laws on FEZ and effective infrastructure utilisation make even more favorable conditions for foreign and domestic investments, and creation of new workplaces. Different tax incentives are applicable; activities in international freight transport, trade and manufacturing are developed.


Šiauliai district municipality is always ready to offer the best solutions for interested investors and is doing everything for Šiauliai district to become a regional center of mid Lithuania with the great value added industry and developed by knowledge-based economy.


More about Šiauliai

Šiauliai is an industrial city with population of 105’000 inhabitants and a great accessibility. The city has a strong engineering industry and is 4th in Lithuania by GDP. There is large concentration of foreign manufacturing companies. Šiauliai is home to a University, three colleges and one vocational school. Over 2,500 students are currently studying engineering programmes.

Quality of life


Climb a hill to see more than 100,000 crosses at one of the country’s most awe-inspiring sights The Hill of Crosses


Shop in its newly built Akropolis Shopping Center, where high density of shops available for any customer


Explore the main boulevard crossing the city, which boasts various cafes, restaurants, art galleries and shops


Reach any point of the city in 15 min by bike


Enjoy water sports in the city surrounded by three lakes

The city’s greatest asset is its experienced workers specialised in:



Metal proccesing

Furniture production

Other manufacturing skills

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