Kedainiai FEZ: 2 companies have been awarded

Business Day is celebrated in Lithuania each year on the second Friday in November. On this day, the Kėdainiai District Municipality honours and recognises the local businesspeople whose efforts have most helped the local area. Representatives of the Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone and a company operating there received two awards. This honour encourages the Kėdainiai FEZ and the companies located there to work even harder to expand and develop innovative manufacturing processes.

The first award went to the CEO of the Kėdainiai FEZ in recognition of active and persistent efforts to attract investment to Kėdainiai District. At present, the liquid fertiliser manufacturer IKAR, the hemp fibre processor Natūralus pluoštas and a crematorium operate in the FEZ. The Kėdainiai FEZ can take pride in its recent break-through in successfully attracting investment and the interest of Lithuanian- and foreign-owned companies.

In 2020, the Ukrainian company Kormotech plans to start operations at the FEZ, supplying dog and cat food. In addition, the industrial and specialty gas manufacturer AGA, changing its name to Linde, will also begin operations at the FEZ.

The Natūralus pluoštas company was recognised for its production of hemp textile fibre. It is noteworthy that the company’s manufacturing processes are waste-free and environment-friendly, so the company was recognised for setting a good example of how to cultivate a clean environment.

The women’s wear producer Jugunda was honoured for its 25 years of successful operation. The company’s CEO was honoured for long-time leadership. The company exports to Scandinavia and has long-term clients who value the quality of the company’s production.

UAB LTP TEXDAN, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, earned an award for business growth. The company has made significant investments in production, creating new jobs and improving the working conditions for its personnel.

Having founded a modern cheese-making operation in the village of Piliamantas, Lilija Liutkevičienė earned the municipality’s award for establishment of a business and the making of investments in the countryside. She makes cheese according to authentic recipes, buying cow’s milk from local farmers in the Kėdainiai District, in this way supporting local suppliers.

The Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts announced the winner of the competition Sukurta Kėdainių rajone (Made in Kėdainiai District): UAB Šlapaberžės konditerija, which makes exceptionally tasty tree cake (baked on a rotating spit).

It is a pleasure to recognise so many Kėdainiai-area businesspeople actively growing their successful businesses, preserving the environment and creating new jobs for local residents.

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